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This is a members-only community, which means all posts are friends locked. Membership is moderated, but there is more than one dedicated mod - meaning your membership request should be approved within a few hours.

This community is for rambles, rants, discussions, and any and all nonsense related to comedians and the wonderful work they do. Post youtube clips, pimp out your favorite comedians' DVDs and CDs. Picspam your favorite comedians. Introduce the career's newest newcomers to the community at large and be introduced to hilarious people you never knew existed. Have nostalgic flails over long-gone comedians of the 50s. This is an open-minded and flexible community where you can talk anything and everything comedian.

When you join, feel free to make an introduction post!

Your HBICs - or, you know, head mods: deadsies, finch00
Your co-HBICs: cary_ann, hepburned, savvy_sleek

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